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Mon 13 August 2018

Psion of the times

Posted by Andy in Computers   

I've always been chaotically organised and loved technology so getting a personal digital assistant was a boom for me life. I had a Psion3 which amazing but rubbish if the battery ran out as everything was wiped. the Psion 5 was a major upgrade with an mazing keyboard and hardware wise and mine was greatly loved. However, PDA were slowly replaced by non-smart phones which then received their asteroid of extinction by first apple and then android. I was a slow adapter to android and i loved the hardware but i hated the touch screen keyboard. I have chunky fingers which make the keyboard slow to use and very inaccurate. I was looking at options for ways for getting a usable keyboard configuration when i discovered the Gemini indiego. This was a clamshell phone which was the direct design descendant of the psion married to an android system. There were a number of dual install options including Linux making it quite future proof device.i was an early backer (sub 1000) and after a few delays my device arrived this year.(See here for more geek details)

The Gemini is the perfect for my needs - a PDA which can make calls and use 4G!! No one really calls me but the mobile office of a device which is usable and type able(i'm writing this on this device) is the killer. It still works with my pebble so I've got great control over call and other bits and bobs

I've been using Linux for many many years after making the choice instead of windows. With my phone, I'm not choosing to do Linux until the android system stops getting updates. The phone's office environment just works! I like that i can use netflix and other "proper" apps like the Hungarian TV app without having to do hack/fixes/ and all which can be chromescasted without any issues is a HUGE plus. I've a Linux laptop for hardcore coding/writing. I have install gnuroot Debian so i can access python :)