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Thu 17 January 2019

A Green Shave

Posted by Andy in Misc   

There has been lots of talk about shaving and what it means to be a man.I think real men shave with a safety razor or a cut-throat razor. I think i'm just recycling ideas presented here and here but i do think that these two razors offer:

  1. A great shave - The shave is amazing!
  2. Blood - These razors are sharp and will cut you!
  3. Cut anything - No matter how long my stubble, My razor will cut it without making my face get spotty
  4. Cheapness - you can get 6 razors for about £1 and they last for ages
  5. Flexible - One razor takes any make of safety razor
  6. Sustainability - the blade is 100% metal and thus recyclable

I guess that the big Razor companies aren't interested in marketing something which has been around for 50+ years and is rather cheap!