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Sun 20 January 2019

Redman V Lavigne V Swift

Posted by Andy in Theology   

For some unknow reason, I was drawn to listen to an old matt redman song. At the time, I was quite "anti-matt" as I thought the music atm was a bit sinple and boring. However, this song I thought was a bit different and I love the words, tunes and melody. Looking at this song on the tube of you, I was suprised to see that it had a minimal viewing. I know that the production is a bit "quaint" compared to modern standard but I think that there is a deep issue. The words aren't sexy and it requires a deep thinking and response. It isn't an easy fix of "up thoughts" or a rousing tune, the melody and arrangement are bare and highlight the response needed to the gospel. You can't clap to it either as it is in 3/4! It feels very akward, uncomfortable and make a room silent

Them there are songs like Avril's Latest

This is a highly emotive song and video with an empassionated vocal performance backed up by lush orchestration. However, a close inspection of the words reveal a cry of "Help me! This is a great song and I like it loads but I'm sure that there are people who tink that this is a great worship song. I'm not so convinced, i think that there needs to be more tthan an emotional response to the music but i think that a great worship song combines deep meaningful lyrics with an accesible tune and the meaning and implication of the words draws out feelings not the otherway round.

As I listen to new worship songs, I keep on thinking about Taylor swift! My favourite album of hers, so far, is Red. This is a hard rocking, danceable country-twinged album and contains loads of hits and is very catchy. All the songs on the album are also very emotive!

However, when I listen to recommendations or a youtube randomly selection, I just hear Taylor's songs being rewritten with simple feel good christian lyrics.