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Sat 19 January 2019

The next texteditor

Posted by Andy in Computers   

I've always had itchy feet with text editors. There hasn't been one which has really stuck. Vim rulese in a terminal and I find it so much easier to use over nano/ed/emacs. However, Gvim sucks! This is a basically a terminal wrapped in a gui window. I've been using gedit for some of my simple edits and pycharm for some large IDE python works. Pycharm is amazing but very resource heavy esp in a VM! I've tried using ATOM but that is very sloooooow and buggy.

Enter Oni -- DADA! It looks like Atom but is usuable, has a good gui intergration and has neoVim (a vim + editor) at its core -- I can :wq to my heart's delight!!