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Tue 23 April 2019

The end is near (for python2)

Posted by Andy in Computers   

I've been updating my plethra of RaspberryPis and I had an immenent message of doom! Python2 support is coming to an end in 7 months time! My world ended and the universe folded in on itself, not!

Thermosflask, my hacked/cobbled together house central heating system unfortunately runs on the soon expiring programming language. I did try a migration to Python3 in the early days of Python3.x but the critical libraries refused to play! Now, with more python experience, it seems that there is only a google calendar parsing module which might need some major rewriting.

However, the sting in the tale is that the death of Python2 occurs on the 1st Jan 2020 ... If the migration fails, It could be a cold winter at home. (Yes, I know the code will still run but that does sound so dramatic.)