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Wed 22 May 2019

Flashing a switchblade

Posted by Andy in Music   

In an attempt to bring life to the church's worship time, I've been using two Boss pedals - the octave dropping OC-3 and digital delay/pitch shift PS-2. I can emulate a bass player whilst ringing out the high notes like the edge This was originally inspired by the attempt to do some live looping with the Jamman stereo but the church's natural tempo drift and not really following the leader nature put an end to that. Also, the excellent trio plus does a much easier and better job and there is an Cajon player which makes the whole thing groove.

The only issue with this setup was the techinical aspect. I wasn't really happy with the sound and relative balances of the three parts (Direct, bass, delay) especially when switching in/out pedals. I also needed to use direct output of the octave pedal to feed the delay pedal and all the outputs had to be collected into a mini mixing desk. This was too complex and not userfriendly.

By chance (a google advert), I came across the the awesome Electro-Harmonix Switchblade pro. It was such a new pedal that the Hungarian distrubutors (who were awesome) didn't have it in stock! This solves all my issues with the pedals as they can be run in two effects loops in parrellel so the bass part isn't echo'ed by the delay pedal. The effects pedals are set 100% to signal-only sound and this can be easily mixed with the dry signal of the guitar, all with three knobs!