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Tue 01 October 2019

Walking the Pedal Board

Posted by Andy in Music   

In my last blog post I mentioned about the excellent switchblade so here the current status of my pedalboard using a metal pedal template so i can pack/unpack really quickly on sunday.

This is my awesome pedalboard for church

My current pedalboard setup works bottom right to left.

  1. Guitar goes into the the Boss Ve-20 (red pedal) to provide the pitch corrections/auto three part harmony for the vocals
  2. Next is the switchbade which runs the boss delay and Octave pedal (on the top row) in parallel
  3. The final stop is the Jamman stereo which collects the guitar output with the harmonised vocal output and sends to the PA. Here, I can record rhythm loops or simple chord progressions (I VI VII IV) and then build up the song structure. I managed some simple guitar rhythms today but am hoping to build up a few microphone-based percussion sounds. The red thing is a custom 3d printed part which enable the saving of a loop with a foot!

The top left corner is the Trio plus which doesn't need a live guitar input but goes direcly into the PA (easier for Bass/Drum/Guitar levels adjustment). This has an external three-way switch which is need to channel my innner James Brown -> "Take it to the bridge!

This worked well for the first time on sunday. The only awkward stretch was to turn off the Trio but this is really independant of the guitar chain so i can reposition the pedal.

The next steps

  1. A delay pedal with a tap-tempo so i can get the echos in time with the song. I can't bend down every song and manually tweek as in the good old days. I'll keep the current delay and set for a really short/long time and channel my inner Edge! Currently thinking of:
  1. Boss DD-7/8 (Just released!)
  2. Boss DD-20
  3. the latest boss uber delay pedal, a dd-2000
  1. A EU daisy ring powersupply.
  2. Build a "One ring" (to rule them all from LOTR) tap tempo which puts the same tempo to the looper pedal and the delay pedal from one switch.
  3. A tube screamer pedal, I would like a little crunch for the more enegetic songs at church to give a little texture. i'm searching hard for a second hand Bad Monkey.

TBH, I usually use my POD2 when I want to play my electric at church or a fancy sound.